Saturday, March 5, 2022

Rescuing the Restoration Conference and Book

There was a conference last weekend with excellent information for those who may be questioning their LDS faith. The goal of the conference was to prevent the all-too-common complete loss of faith that frequently results from questions about church history and teachings without satisfactory answers from the LDS church. 

The recordings can be accessed at this link.

In conjunction with the conference, a new book was released. 

Rescuing the Restoration: The Lord Sets His Hand Again gives a history and overview of the Restoration Movement, from the perspective of participants in the movement. This book ultimately resulted from a prior blog post I put up in late 2020. In that post I suggested someone might want to take an existing outline I wrote for a different project and do something with it. That someone turned out to be Chris VanCampen, who voluntarily took on a project to produce a book, assembled a team of writers, editors, an illustrator, a typesetter, and an ample level of determination to bring it all together. 

The result is a worthy effort and wonderful resource for all who may be curious about the Restoration Movement. I highly recommend sharing the book with all who may be interested. The book is available for order at this link.

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