Thursday, March 4, 2021

Abundance or Scarcity

A friend who has practiced the ways of abundance for many years asked me to post the following invitation. He is offering free for the asking, the 12-step process he has used to successfully create abundance in his life. He is not selling anything or asking for anything other than an email requesting the document. His goal is to help people be able to support the construction of the temple. I know this man to be both successful and generous in supporting the Lord’s work, and I recommend considering what he shares. 

Creating Abundance

I am thankful for Adrian’s post “Life Boat.” To quote Adrian, “I’m writing this as a plea for us to come together as a people and make the necessary sacrifices and provide the funds.”

In support of Adrian and those who want to provide for the temple fund but find their resources lacking, I am offering a 12-step process to help people be abundant, or create abundance, to devote to the “life boat,” i.e. the temple fund.

This is not an MLM. This is not a solicitation. This is simply my life experience with the ways of abundance. It is freely given. All you must do is ask.