Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Remnant Missionary Pal: 2020 Edition!

In 2018, I wrote a brief announcement here regarding a new book called the Remnant Missionary Pal. This book is modeled on a prior work called the Missionary Pal, which provided scriptural references organized by topic. It's a neat—and very handy—reference tool.

I'm pleased to announce that an updated version is now available. This new 2020 version is updated with final RE scripture numbering and references, plus an expanded introduction and new sections on the responsibility to the lost sheep remnants of Israel. 

You can download a free version at, or purchase a hard copy at publisher's cost on Amazon. 

This is an excellent reference tool, is very inexpensive (or Free!) and highly recommended for scripture study. Enjoy!

NOTE: I've been told the Amazon listing still says it's the 2018 Edition, but I've been assured by the publishers that what is actually shipping is the 2020 Edition. They are working on updating the listing with Amazon.

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