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Reclaim the Restoration

I did not write the following, but I was asked to share it. This document comes from This seems like a worthy effort, worth sharing, and I pray that it will encourage all to come unto Christ.

Reclaim the Restoration

TODAY a monumental choice faces every Latter Day Saint. At the heart of this decision is whether to stand with Jesus Christ and His Gospel, as taught in scripture, or to capitulate to the corruption of a lost and deceived world (Revelation 12:9).

IF YOU ARE CONCERNED about how the LDS Church is responding to a host of doctrinal, social, moral, financial, and political issues, and if you are willing to seek out and live a true fullness of the gospel (D&C 20:9), then please know the light of the original Restoration remains available through prophecy, scripture, revelation, and the tutoring of the Holy Spirit (Moroni 10:5).

A CAREFUL REVIEW of doctrine and the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, reveals that many human errors have occurred during the past 185 years of church history. This spiritual tragedy highlights the essential need for every Latter Day Saint to now differentiate between eternal truth and religious tradition (D&C 93:39).

THE BOOK OF MORMON specifically warns that when a culture becomes prideful, wealthy, and dependent on the arm of flesh (2 Nephi 4:34), that the fall of that particular people will soon follow (Ether 2: 8-12). Scripture also confirms that in the last days the word of God will be “transfigured” (Mormon 8:33), and that the once “Holy church of God” will become polluted. (Mormon 8:38). Sadly, today is also the day when the tares again “choke the wheat and drive the church into the wilderness of apostasy” (D&C 86:1-3). Those honest enough to apply scripture to themselves, the Mormon culture, and the world at large, understand that we as a Gentile people are in the process of rejecting the fullness of the Gospel (D&C 45:28-30).

REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE WORLD, and the world of religion chooses, let it be said: The hand of the Lord remains outstretched still! (Isaiah 5:25) At this time every Latter Day Saint is invited to re-learn and re-claim all that has been lost, abandoned, and distorted, since the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith (D&C 43:10). In response to these deficits, a growing Remnant now shouts HOLY! HOLY! HOLY! is our God! For He is the Great Messiah! The Master of the storm, and the sure Rock in whom we will trust! He is THE CHRIST, who even at this very moment beckons unto all, “Come Unto Me” that you might receive the same truths, powers, ordinances, and priesthood, once offered to the early Saints. Thus, today is the day of choice: God or man, Truth or tradition, Zion or Babylon?

UNDER THE HAND OF GOD a great and marvelous work is now spreading across the land. This movement involves a broken and flawed “few” (2 Nephi 28:14), who are actively committed to Preserving the Restoration, that Jesus Christ and His angels may yet ”gather the elect” (D&C 33:6), and establish a literal Zion upon the earth (Moses 7:60-62).

FOREMOST IN THIS SPIRITUAL CRUSADE is an unyielding commitment to the Holy One of Israel and the process of receiving salvation in Him. There is no church to join, and no leader to follow. This “strange act” (D&C 101:94-95), is not the “apostasy” some imagine it to be. For in reality, the truth is never apostasy, and all that God commands is law (3 Nephi 15:9, Romans 10:4).

LET IT BE KNOWN that except for our impending destruction, “the times of the Gentiles” is fulfilled (D&C 45:26-30). The opportunity for us to repent and receive a true fullness will soon be forfeited. What follows will include mass destruction and great sorrow (Matthew 24:6-35). This prophesied cleansing will begin upon the Lord’s house, first among those who profess to know His name, but have not known Him (D&C 112:23-26). Thus, every Latter Day Saint who seeks Zion upon the earth (D&C 45:68), and Celestial Glory in the eternities to come (D&C 133:12, D&C 76:50-70), is now required to repent by differentiating between eternal truth and the false philosophies of men mingled with scripture (2 Nephi 28:9-32).

THE LORD’S INVITATION is specifically to you. For even now, in this very moment, if you will listen to His voice, He will speak directly to your soul. Listen to your Savior. Listen to your soul. Fear not, and go forward into the work of reclaiming the light of the Restoration. For now is the day of your salvation, and if you will follow Him, He will lead you into the fullness of Eternal Glory (D&C 76:70). Come…come my friend, and through His grace, enter ye this day into the rest of the Lord (Matthew 11:28, Moroni 7:3).

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  1. Thank you, Brother Adrian Larsen, for a new interesting link.
    Just have visited it. That is actually a sincere and positive effort to call modern people into Zion and to hear the message of the Lord's humble servant-Denver C. Snuffer, Jr.

  2. I am concerned that this is an orchestration led by men not by the Holy Ghost. If the Holy Ghost inspired someone to write and share it, great. If I don't feel inspired to share it in the manner and time frame set out by the author(s), do I not have the inspiration of the Holy Ghost? How is this orchestration different from what I am told by LDS church leaders when they introduce a new program (ie-create a meet the Mormon profile, participate in Mormon helping hands project on this day and in the way that we have organized it, etc)? I am being sincere in raising this concern. I believe in the Lords work but I feel like when we try to tell others what to do and how to participate, it becomes mans work. I know that we should only participate if we personally feel the Holy Ghost but again, who is really following the promptings of the Holy Ghost-the ones who participate or the ones who don't?

    1. I think each person is inspired to move the work forward in their own way. If one person is inspired to write a document and invite others to share it, others may not be inspired to share it in the same way or at the same time, or even at all.

      I don't get the sense that the author is trying to tell people what to do, It is merely an invitation.

  3. In Isaiah 5:25 when it says "his hand is stretched out still" it means that God is still smiting his people, not that he is offering them assistance. This is a repeated refrain up through chapter 10 ("his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still") where the Assyrian is the staff of the Lord's indignation. The Lord's anger finally abates in chapter 11 through the righteousness of the stem of Jesse as Israel is gathered. At last in 12:1 the prophet writes " O Lord, I will praise thee: though thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me" after which the phrase "his hand is stretched out still" doesn't occur again.

    1. That is interesting how the phrase ceases after the Lord's "anger is turned away."

      On the other hand, the Lord chastens whom He loves. The same hand that smites, is outstretched to help. His word is "sharper than a two-edged sword" and it cuts both ways. The same truth that will save you, will also serve to condemn you, if you harden your heart against it.

  4. Thank you Craig, for having us look at that. I see that we may be taking that out of context...I appreciate the correction.

  5. Isaiah 5/25 is saying that the anger of the Lord is kindled....but his hand is outstretched still ( meaning he is always extending his mercy and love to bring a person or people away from his anger if they will listen and follow him ) You have to go further and read verses 26-30 to see that his hand is outstretched to to bring out a righteous people to build Zion if they will listen. The Lord sends an ensign which will hiss or touch their hearts and the people will come running to his call. These people will sacrifice all will be filled with the spirit and answer the call of the Lion. So in the context of this invitation, it make complete sense and applies as this is the ensign going forth. Who will listen?

  6. Avraham Gileadi translation of Isaiah 5:25

    Therefore the anger of the Lord is kindled against his people:
    he draws back his hand and strikes them;
    the mountains quake, and their corpses lie like litter about the streets.
    Yet for all this his anger is not abated;
    his hand is upraised still.

    Upraised still, instead of stretched out still. It does sound like it's upraised about to strike again. This has a very different meaning than stretched out still, from what I always thought it meant.

  7. That's if a person chooses to believe his interpretation.


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