Monday, May 22, 2023

Conference Gratitude

I just returned from a wonderful experience at the Spring 2023 Conference held in Layton, Utah. The theme of the gathering was The Answer to Prayer for Covenant as an assignment from the Lord: Love One Another as I Have Loved You.

The conference design, organization, setting, venue, theme and presentations were all first rate and very well done. The messages shared were well thought out, timely and important. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to participate in a group prayer effort where all in attendance were invited on Saturday to participate as equals in contributing thoughts of acknowledgment, gratitude, praise, and entreaty to a prayer that was then organized, prepared and offered in behalf of the whole conference on Sunday morning. I thought the prayer was a beautiful and moving expression of the beliefs and desires we all hold in common, which unite us as a covenant people and demonstrate our most fervent desires. 

I didn’t have any role in organizing or presenting this event, but having myself been involved in organizing other conferences in the past, I know a bit about what it takes to put together an event like this. The time, labor and funds required are formidable and offered as a sacrifice by those who give freely to benefit others, often in ways most attendees may not realize. 

I express my gratitude to the planners, organizers, sound people, video crew, web folks, venue finders, program writers, workshop presenters, name-tag providers, chair guy, facility caretakers, speakers, sacrament workers, donors, discussion facilitators, equipment purchasers, music providers, conference hosts, and all others who contributed in large and small ways to the conference—all of whom labored and sacrificed on my behalf and on behalf of hundreds of others so all could be blessed and benefitted. Thank you for your offering to bless others—I’m certain heaven took note of how your labors were offered and how they were received.


  1. The prayer was thoughtful and beautiful. I was pleased to say “amen” at the conclusion. Many thanks to all who made this happen.

  2. Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but when I looked how much was on my group’s contribution to the prayer and heard that they were going to combine everything into one prayer, I had my doubts about how it well the resulting prayer was going to turn out. But like you and the commenter above, I also thought it turned out very beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with how they did that, and also grateful. Im glad I had the chance to participate, even if it was only such a small degree.

    It was also nice to finally meet you and your lovely wife, and many others for the first time in person.


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