Thursday, August 15, 2019

Restoration Edition Scriptures Now Available

I’m very happy to report the Restoration Edition scriptures are again available for purchase. Some of the paperback sizes are available for immediate order, and other sizes, as well as hardback options will be available shortly. Here’s the website:

We all owe much gratitude to the people who spent thousands of combined hours to make these scriptures available. Likewise, the efforts to prepare and produce these current volumes, in all their size and cover options, as well as producing the online portal for ordering, have been quite significant. I offer my heartfelt thanks to all involved.

And finally, just a reminder that on this website, these scriptures are sold directly at wholesale printer's cost, and that nobody is profiting in any way on their sales. All labor has been provided on a volunteer basis, and nobody has been, or is currently being paid for their efforts. 

These volumes are also available for sale on other sites for slightly higher prices, and the companies that run those other sites or offer those listings may be earning compensation for their services. 


  1. Probably the most significant miracle in this generation. I offer my best attempt, along with Adrian, to communicate how grateful I am to the volunteers and selfless, amazing people who have contributed to this effort. I know many of them. Words fall short to express gratitude for this. We all need to be going to God in our respective closets and pour out thanks for this one. Important beyond description.

  2. I'm grateful too, thanks to everyone involved.


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