Sunday, April 7, 2019

New Revelation Approving the Scriptures

The scripture committee has completed their work and asked whether the Lord approved it. In a new revelation, the Lord has given his answer.

You can read the revelation at this link.

I'm struck by the Lord's stated seven-fold purpose for the scripture project, as well as his warnings regarding how we treat one another. And I'm extraordinarily grateful for the Lord's kindness in providing this answer.


  1. Very exciting that we have a servant of the Lord who can receive his word for us in our day!

  2. That answer is the strongest rebuke yet of US.

    “All their weakness, foolishness and vanity are before me, and none of it is hidden to me.”

    That isn’t referring to anyone else but us. I still get the strong sense that many among this movement think we are special. If anything, that answer confirms we are especially dense and slow to repent. We surely are not yet “the Lords people”. Using the Lord’s words as a guide to how we are doing, we have allowed Him to change our hearts very little even when He has given us very very much Light to work with in addition to His incomprehensible patience.

    Arelius, I have seen that exact same comment as yours littering social media from the lds church faithful regarding their beloved rusty Nelson. Literally word for word. I hope you truly understand Denver Snuffer cannot bring Zion. Placing Denver Snuffer, or any man, between you and Christ will prevent Zion. Denver seems to be begging us to see that but while we listen to everything else he says, we ignore that part. Denver will not establish Zion. “God alone will establish Zion.” Denver said that.

    We CANNOT repeat previous patterns of others who have been given a chance for Zion and failed. I am seeing those patterns everywhere among us.

    I will be focusing on removing my weaknesses, foolishness, and vanity. While you all clearly have less of those things than me, we all need to repent, and quickly.

    Jay Todd

    1. Hi Jay,

      Interesting take. I agree that we are most certainly weak, foolish and vain, but in this particular instance, I read that particular paragraph as applying specifically to those who labored on the scriptures project. Taken in context:

      "I ordained this work and labored beside you. No man should condemn these words, or see the weakness of my laborers when I judge their hearts. All their weakness, foolishness and vanity are before me, and none of it is hidden to me."

      The wording seems to specifically apply to the scripture project--which begs the question, why would the Lord say such things about those who labored and successfully completed this momentous work?

      Well, a couple of reasons come to mind. First, we should all keep in mind that completing a work, even a great work, doesn’t mean someone is without fault. Even Nephi, incredible as his accomplishments were, still lamented, “O wretched man that I am!”

      Second, though folly and error have been manifest, this is no reason to reject the results of the project. The Lord makes it clear he is aware of all the issues, and yet still accepts the results. Therefore, we should as well.

      I think these are important points, as I’ve still seen some complaining about those who sacrificed and performed the labor, using their faults as reason to criticize the scriptures. The Lord makes it clear we should not do this.

  3. Adrian! How are you? It's been awhile brother!

    First of all it is interesting you responded to me as I was going to post on your more recent post after this one. That post is absolutely filled with light! Thank you so much for sharing that one it has caused me to think about a lot of things. I hope there will be good discussion over there.

    As far as our discussion regarding this post, I absolutely accept the scriptures project work and without reservation. I do not reject it either outwardly or in my heart. I also acknowledge the true source of that work. It's the same source that anything of actual value comes from: Jesus Christ. As I said, He is being remarkably patient to be working with us who yet deserve nothing because our fruits are still wild and ill formed. It is not for our sakes He is laboring with us.

    As far as the idea he was referring only to the scripture project people I wholly reject that idea. The very first paragraph in the Answer to the prayer for covenant has the Lord declaring He is answering us "as one". He even informs us we were seeking to become one back then.

    We had better hope for all our sakes He was not referring to the scripture project people only because that would mean He is no longer answering us as one, which would almost certainly be because our desire to become one has waned. If it has, we had better reverse our course and hard.

    Even the suggestion He was referring to only the scriptures people with those rebukes is divisive. We have to stop creating groups, i.e. scripture project people vs, or Lots group vs, or anything vs. If I am trying to become of one heart and one mind with them (and I personally am trying), then I should act like it. A rebuke to them is a rebuke to me. I don't believe it was simply a rebuke to them but even if it was that logic stands. In fact, because they labored on this particular project and I did not, if anything I am MORE weak, foolish, and vain than are they because what have I done? I do not accuse a single individual on that project of a single thing. How could anyone who did not labor alongside them complain about a thing? I don't know what has gone on with this that people are complaining about and I don't care what has happened. Every single one of those scripture project people are precious. They are almost certainly better than me. At no point have I suggested or implied I am anything of note. I'm not. Go look at "The Declaration". I did not sign it.

    As a group, we are yet a far off from having a heart that could sincerely declare "O wretched people that we are!". Otherwise there would be no criticism of the scriptures project for the Lord to have to chastise and correct. A heart that could compel a declaration such as Nephi's certainly couldn't be full of "vanity", which OURS still IS by the Lord's own declaration. One heart.


    1. Hi Jay,

      Thanks for your response. I don't view this revelation as a rebuke at all. That word seems much too strong, in my opinion. The Lord acknowledges the weaknesses he sees in his laborers, and yet accepts the labor performed, and gives important counsel about how the laborers ought to be viewed. I believe the word "rebuke" borders on rejection, not acceptance.

      As for the notion that the Lord is answering us as one, I agree that He did so in the Answer to Prayer for Covenant. And he took pains to inform us that He did so in that, particular revelation. I also agree this revelation is addressed to a general audience, and again, He informs us of as much, a little way down.

      “I ordained this work and labored beside you.” Who is “you?” Who labored and did the work? You already stated it is not you (Jay) and I’ll add it is not me (Adrian). Clearly the ones who did the labor were the people on the scripture committee. They are the laborers spoken of who did “this work.”

      “No man should condemn these words, or see the weakness of my laborers when I judge their hearts. All their weakness, foolishness and vanity are before me, and none of it is hidden to me.”

      This refers to judging the laborers, and again, clearly refers to the scripture committee. No man (that’s all of us) should see their weakness or condemn the words of the scriptures. The Lord is aware of their weakness, foolishness and vanity, and yet chooses not to condemn.

      “To vindicate the promises I made to the fathers, I will bear patiently with all of you for my name’s sake.” This is obviously directed to us all. The Lord will bear with us, but not because of our merits.

      “If I accept their work despite their weaknesses, that I may fulfill my promises to gather my people under my wings, then stop murmuring and complaining against those who labor.” The Lord accepts the labor of the scripture committee, and counsels us to stop murmuring against them.

      “If you expect mercy, then show mercy to others. I, your Lord, am pleased with all those who are grateful and merciful and who will have me be their God. I am meek and lowly of heart.” Still speaking to all of us, telling us how to treat others.

      Now, I’m not saying we aren’t all weak, vain or foolish. But in this revelation, which is indeed directed to us all, the Lord speaks specifically about the weaknesses, vanity and foolishness of those who labored on this project, and tells us not to find fault with them, or with the product of their efforts.

      I’m with you in that I rejoice in what they have done, find no fault with them or their efforts, and rejoice that the Lord is still speaking to us all. Now that the labor is complete, the scripture committee will disband and there will be no more distinction.

  4. I think this also speaks to future projects or endeavors and our need to not criticize those who labor on those.

  5. You guy and gals are full of some serious drugs. You are crazy!


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