Monday, February 18, 2019

Denver Snuffer to Speak on March 3rd: Updated

On Sunday, March 3rd, Denver Snuffer will be giving a talk entitled, “Signs Follow Faith.”

This will mark the first time in over 4 years that Denver has planned and organized his own speaking engagement. He has spoken many other times at conferences and gatherings, but has always done so at somebody else’s invitation. This talk, however, was not organized by someone else.

Denver has indicated that this talk is intended to restore and encourage hope in the restoration of the gospel, and in God’s continuing work. He has made a point to extend the invitation to all who have an interest in the restoration begun by Joseph Smith. Because this seems particularly significant, I am extending the invitation here, as well.

Even if you disagree, in fact, particularly if you disagree with Denver Snuffer, I encourage you to come see for yourself exactly what he teaches and how he teaches it. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, I suspect this talk will be memorable and enlightening.


You can find the recording of the talk at this link. 

Scroll down to Papers and Talks, and look for Signs Follow Faith, Centerville, UT.


  1. Do you know if it will be streamed live?

  2. As far as I know, it will not. I do believe a recording will be made available at some point.

  3. I wonder what's on Denvers mind?

  4. Didn't Denver organize his own talk in Atlanta just 15 months ago?

    1. Fair point, though that was a bit different because it was the work of a rather sizable group/committee who organized a series of talks, as well as a website and a series of videos. It was the group who found the venues, organized the talks, publicized them, etc. But your point is taken that it was Denver who gathered the group for the purpose of organizing that series.

  5. I just read through the notes. It seemed more like a self testimony of his role and then at the end states we are on our own. Honestly I don’t get the fascination with this guy. He bears no fruit.

  6. I actually enjoyed listening to this. Denver's message is good on the premise, but he contradicts his own message throughout this talk. He ought to listen to his own message at around the 27:25 mark.

    I don't believe Denver is Evil. I just believe he is mislead.

    If you're talking with God and you know it is God, why would you argue with Him? "I disagree with, I argue with and provide my best advice and council" to God "when I honestly think something is not right, or I'm asked to do something" Wow! Why would you question Him or think something is honestly not right to the One who is ALL-KNOWING. Strange language for someone who says "I am nothing, I fear God and pray continually"

    Even the utterance of "Offering advice and council" to God echoes of a self image that does not match the words of his humility as a true servant of God. I've never read or heard anything like it from someone professing to be a chosen servant of God.

    “seek not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand.” Jacob 4:10

    1. Moses and the Golden Calf. Abraham and Sodom. The Lord of the Vineyard and the servant in Zenos’s allegory. These are three examples off the top of my head when the Lord has announced His intention, and His earthly servant has successfully convinced Him to change His mind.

      If our God is a fearsome dictator, then yes, argument is both ill-advised and impossible. If, on the other hand, our God is a father motivated by love, and our savior is a man who will speak in plain humility as one man speaks to another, then discussion is certainly on the table.

      Come, let us reason together, He said…

  7. Remnant of JosephMarch 14, 2019 at 9:10 AM

    Pleading with the Lord for a change or for people here or there, asking questions for better understanding is one thing but offering advice and counsel to the Lord after reading the allegory "counsel me not" or the earlier mentioned "seek not to counsel the Lord but to take counsel" is not in harmony with Denvers words or attitude. And to honestly believe the Lord is wrong on a matter is telling.

    He bashes the leaders and in the next sentence says we need to come together and stop dividing.

    Denver, humble yourself and return. We are a forgiving people. There is an institution and we aren't on our own if we choose on the one hand to not harden our hearts and be brought down by the captivity and power of the evil one.

    1. At this point, you are truly just playing a game of semantics. Whether it is the LDS church asking God to change his mind about Africans and the priesthood, or Joseph Smith asking God to let him give the 116 pages to Martin Harris, or Jonah fleeing his mission, the point is that people sometimes disagree with God and wish things were different. They may even ask for things to be different, and give their reasons why, in an attempt to convince God. The LDS church recently changed the temple ceremony (again.) Was God wrong about the ceremony until a month ago?

      Didn’t even the Savior, in His moment of extremity, ask God to change the plan and remove the cup?

      I daresay everyone who believes in God has asked God to change his mind, which implies disagreement with God. I certainly have, and I bet you have too.

      You act surprised to hear Denver has done the same. And yet, Denver has mentioned this time and time again in his public talks. He even speaks of arguing in FAVOR of LDS doctrine, against what the Lord was asking him to do. And yet, the Lord patiently and continually testified and taught the truth of the matter. Denver mentioned this at least 3 times in the 40 Years in Mormonism talk series.

      It’s clear you’re not very familiar with what Denver teaches, yet you call him to repentance. I think that behavior is far more telling than Denver publicly mentioning his discussions with the Lord. You also assume you know the content of those discussions, the outcomes, and the correct way to characterize discussions to which you were not a party. Denver attempting to change the Lord’s mind is, in your estimation, wrong, yet your own attempts to do the same are justified?

      Your direction for Denver to humble himself rings both hollow and ironic.

  8. I tend to agree with RoJ. Why would anyone honestly believe the Lord is wrong? Wanting a different outcome isn't the same as believing that what the Lord is asking is wrong. Ironic for sure. I believe the Lord changes what he requests, at times as a result of our faith and other times because it is his will. You seem to conclude that the changes in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were dictated to the Lord. If you believe that, then I understand why his comments don't ring an alarm for his followers.


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