Saturday, May 19, 2018

Introductory Handout Available

Someone has noticed the need for a small, introductory handout for the restoration movement, to provide a basic introduction and background to any who may be interested. Ideally, it should be compact enough to be conveniently carried in a mobile phone case or checkbook, so it's available when needed. 

The good news is someone has created just such a handout. They have printed some and will mail a few at no charge to anyone who sends their name and address to I had nothing to do with this effort, but I think it is worthwhile and helpful, so I agreed to publicize it here. 

This handout attempts to show the pattern throughout history of truth being revealed and then repeatedly corrupted so that there must be a movement, like the Protestant Reformation, to return to the original.  It attempts to be non-offensive to both Christians and LDS and yet it also points out some of the problems that cause the need to preserve the restoration.

You can download a PDF of the document here. It is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 14 inch paper, cut down, and multi-folded. The numbered panels are to be read in order. 

NOTE: This document is not, and has nothing to do with, the Guide & Standard/Statement of Principles project. This is not a statement of principles, nor is it a guide and standard; rather it is merely a historical introduction to the Lord's work, useful as an introduction. 


  1. I can only hope that the typos, mistakes and doctrinal errors get cleaned up before people start using it.

    1. If you would do us the kindness of pointing out the errors, I'll be glad to pass along your suggestions to the document's creators. Please feel free to contact me privately with the Contact form on the right.

  2. This seems to be implying things about Denver Snuffer that I am not sure he has admitted or spoken about himself. Does he endorse this? Should whoever wrote this be so presumptuous? It seems inappropriate. I think it should be reworked to indicate that this is someone's opinion. Do you know who wrote it?

    1. I don't know who wrote it, though I have passed along all suggestions to the person who asked me to post it. He is in touch with the author.

    2. Anonymous,

      I see your perspective for sure. I don't know the author, but is it presumptuous to state a truth? Has Denver disavowed the role? Has he denied it? Let's see what he has said on the matter.

      I assume you're referring to Denver being the Davidic servant, as Ezek 34:23 is quoted in the pamphlet. Has Denver endorsed or admitted that he is the Davidic servant? No, well, not outright (though you could debate that because Denver has quoted 3 Nephi 21:9-10 in Talk #10, pg. 332), and this is as close to a public statement as we'll probably get. Denver says the work (of the servant) must be done first, and THEN shall it be self-evident who the servant is/was. It took me 30 minutes, but I found the part where he addresses the question of WHO is the Davidic servant. See page pg 292-293 (Talk #9). "...if this is a role to be occupied by a single individual, then no one can claim the role until after he has done the required work. Only fools, knaves, imposters and pseudo-strongmen who have accomplished nothing run about proclaiming themselves as [the Davidic servant]...if this person wants to step forth, then they need to hold the scepter of power in their hand. They need to have light for their covering. Their mouth needs to utter eternal words, and their bowels need to be a fountain of truth. These are the works to be done. So if someone wants to say, "I'm the guy," then go ahead and do these things. If you want to accomplish these things, once you have, then maybe this was a description of you."

      Meanwhile Denver has been a "fountain of truth" and uttering "eternal words" so prolific that it's difficult to keep up and comprehend what he's revealing. A fire hydrant gushing out water is an apt analogy.

      And, at you can read that Christ commanded Denver to reveal that his new name is "David." So while Denver won't outright publicly say he is "the Davidic servant" (btw, the Scriptures refer to such an attitude as meek and lowly of heart; and abasing oneself), it's interesting that THE LORD gave a real big hint, as in, wink wink, "here's a clue for those HALFWAY paying attention" by "commanding" Denver in 2017 to publicize his new name "David", given 6 years earlier, and which had been kept private all those years.

      'Presumptuous' means to fail to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.

      I ask, what are the chances that the Lord would give the name "David" to Denver if he wasn't the one to fulfill the role? The fact is THE LORD is not presumptuous, and it is the Lord who knows perfectly how to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.

      I sort of understand your lukewarm hesitation -- it's a big question of discernment. But this pamphlet cuts to the chase, doesn't it? If Denver is not the latter-day David, then why would Christ publicize the name? And if Denver has not been "sent", then he is lying. He is 100% of the devil. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing; but not the best, mind you. Because Denver has only "deceived" several thousands. On the other hand, the current Mormon "prophet" is so successful at his sheep act, that MILLIONS are deceived, not suspecting in the least there's a ravening wolf beneath the costume.

      The time is fast approaching where a great division will occur. Might as well pick a side sooner than later, when it might be too late. "Whether by mine own voice, or by the voice of my servants, it is the same."

    3. If the pamphlet is not saying things, but only implying them, then that is no more not less than Denver has done. I think the pamphlet is perfectly reasonable and accurate in its representation. Furthermore, is it necessary to have Denver endorse every item ever written that mentions him? How many things are written about many other people without their endorsement? We need not tire the poor man by asking for his approval of every thing we do, nor do we need to be paralyzed in our actions because Denver’s signature is not available.

    4. Implication or inference? Most is inferred and not implied. Still, I have read nothing to persuade me that this is not just an attempt to make Denver something people want him to be without any regard to what he may or may not actually be. Presumptions and assumptions that, based on what you quoted from Denver, even he isn't willing to make. We should probably take his lead. This has nothing to do with picking sides.

  3. Am I the only one that saw the Doctrine of Christ section on the pamphlet and then VERY next section the author literally shows that you need a new covenant.

    Help me out here...So Christ said not to do MORE or LESS and then bam! A New Covenant (which is MORE). Can anyone explain this?!!

    1. Christ said not to declare more or less and ESTABLISH IT FOR HIS DOCTRINE. Nobody is trying to do that.

      The doctrine of Christ gives us the gate by which we enter into the path of salvation. The fact that Christ offers more to those who enter in at the gate is, of course scriptural and expected. The gate is the beginning.

      For a full explanation, see this post:


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