Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Guide and Standard Progress: Taking it to the Lord

The Lord’s requirement that we adopt, by mutual consent, a statement of principles still stands. This requirement is so vital that the Lord has made future assignments and blessings conditional upon successful completion of this first command to His covenant people. Nothing more will come until we complete this task.

Fortunately, completion is looking increasingly possible. The seven chosen by lots have posted an update on their efforts, and we're very pleased to see the progress they are making. We also appreciate the humble, serious and inspired way they have approached this work. 

The document they produced contains principles all covenant holders have already agreed to, expressed in the Lords own words from scripture and His authorized servants. We think it therefore likely that all covenant holders can adopt this document as a guide and standard for our faith.

As the seven prepare to take the fruit of their labors to the Lord for His input, they have extended an invitation for us all to join them in fasting and prayer that the Lord will answer. We intend to unite with all others who wish to fast, pray, and exercise faith in the Lord to provide His part.

If you are so inclined, please join in fasting and prayer on Wednesday, November 22. (Which is very appropriately the day before Thanksgiving!).

Here’s the link to the update posted by the seven.

If you have not yet read their document, please take a few minutes and do so. We believe you’ll find it is a beautiful, inspired expression of true principles; that it is wise and kind; that it is faithful to truth; and that it is expressed in the Lord’s own words. We support this document and hope to see it adopted by mutual agreement.

Adrian and Tausha Larsen