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Destruction, Part 5: Destroyed

And now we can behold the decrees of God concerning this land, that it is a land of promise, and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall serve God or they shall be swept off when the fullness of his wrath shall come upon them. ... Wherefore, he that doth possess it shall serve God or shall be swept off, for it is the everlasting decree of God. ... And it is not until the fullness of iniquity among the children of the land that they are swept off. 

—Ether 1:7 RE

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The Book of Mormon text contains around 400 occurrences of some form of the word “destroy” or “destruction.” It’s an incredibly common theme, and not surprisingly so, given that the text recounts the destruction of two entire civilizations as well as countless occasions of their partial destruction. So prevalent is the notion that by the second paragraph in the book, weve already encountered a warning of destruction:

For it came to pass in the commencement of the first year of the reign of Zedekiah, king of Judah — my father Lehi having dwelt at Jerusalem in all his days — and in that same year there came many prophets, prophesying unto the people that they must repent or the great city Jerusalem must be destroyed. (1 Nephi 1:2 RE)

Lehi learned for himself of Jerusalem’s coming destruction in a vision when he read the following words from a book handed to him by one whose “luster was above that of the sun at noonday”:

Woe, woe unto Jerusalem, for I have seen thine abominations. Yea, and many things did my father read concerning Jerusalem: that it should be destroyed and the inhabitants thereof; many should perish by the sword and many should be carried away captive into Babylon. (1 Nephi 1:3 RE)

So it’s safe to say the prophetic theme of the whole Book of Mormon is that of a warning sent before a coming destruction. The Book of Commandments (original precursor to the Doctrine and Covenants) begins with the same theme, given in the preface to the book, which was received by revelation:

And again, verily I say unto you, O inhabitants of the earth, for I, the Lord, am willing to make these things known unto all flesh, for I am no respecter to persons and will that all men shall know that the day speedily comes; the hour is not yet, but is nigh at hand, when peace shall be taken from the earth and the Devil shall have power over his own dominion; and also, the Lord shall have power over his saints, and shall reign in their midst, and shall come down in judgment upon Idumea, or the world. (T&C 54:6)

Both of these prophetic scriptural prefaces intersect at the loss of peace: 

“Jerusalem must be destroyed.” Jerusalem was originally known as Salem, which is the anglicized version of “shalom,” the Hebrew word for peace. The metaphoric warning, therefore, is that peace is about to be destroyed.

“Peace shall be taken from the earth” is the warning in the Book of Commandments, “and the Devil shall have power over his own dominion.” A sober warning indeed, reinforced by a sign from heaven when the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017 crossed over 7 American cities named Salem. 

It shouldn’t escape our attention that Melchizedek’s city Salem was indeed “taken from the earth” anciently to join the City of Enoch, and will return when the Prince of Peace returns:

Melchizedek’s city of peace came because those who heard him repented. They were taken into Heaven by their repentance. They, like Enoch’s city, will return in the last days. The wicked will not survive their return. The next time there is a place where people of righteousness are taught and gathered, it will no longer be taken up to Heaven. Instead, it will allow Enoch’s and Melchizedek’s people to return. A holy city must be prepared to welcome that return. (T&C Glossary of Gospel Terms: Melchizedek)

In Post 3, we noted the Book of Mormon’s publication occurred in year 200 of the Roger Williams timeline, which is by the Book of Mormon pattern the Zenith year, when righteousness and prosperity reach their pinnacle, take a turn and begin to decline. Such is indeed a fortuitous time for a prophetic warning to be given in the form of a new book of scripture. That warning tells us of coming destruction:

Wherefore, O ye gentiles, it is wisdom in God that these things should be shewn unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins and suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you — which are built up to get power and gain — and the work, yea, even the work of destruction come upon you, yea, even the sword of the justice of the eternal God shall fall upon you to your overthrow and destruction if ye shall suffer these things to be. (Ether 3:18)

With this in mind, let’s take another look at that opening theme from the Book of Mormon. Prophets warned that “the great city Jerusalem must be destroyed.” Yet, though Jerusalem was indeed destroyed, it didn’t cease to exist. The walls were breached, important buildings were burned, the temple was looted and burned, and the nobles were carried away captive. Many were killed. But Jerusalem continued to exist, greatly diminished, populated by the poor and insignificant, scratching out their living in and around the ruined city, aware of its former glory, weeping for its desolation. “Destruction” as it relates to a city does not mean the city disappears. It remains, though fundamentally altered and weakened.

The record tells us that Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah sought to “destroy” the church of God:

And now it came to pass that while he was going about to destroy the church of God — for he did go about secretly with the sons of Mosiah, seeking to destroy the church and to lead astray the people of the Lord contrary to the commandments of God, or even the king (Mosiah 11:26 RE)

Their method consisted of leading people astray contrary to the commandments of God by teaching falsehoods. And that’s all it takes to “destroy” true religion. If the truth can be polluted, if the doctrine can be compromised, if scripture can be altered, misinterpreted or ignored, any of these actions will compromise true religion to the point that it cannot save. It may still be called a religion, a church, a corporation or whatnot, much as salt that has lost its savor may still be called “salt” even though it is good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under the foot of men (3 Nephi 5:20 RE). In this regard, and if history is any indication, religion is among the easiest of institutions to destroy, and its adherents will continue to ignorantly practice the destroyed religion, sometimes for millennia.

The ultimate goal of destroying religion is, of course, not simply to destroy the religion, but to destroy souls. 

And the angel spake unto me, saying, Behold, the gold, and the silver, and the silks, and the scarlets, and the fine twined linen, and the precious clothing, and the harlots are the desires of this great and abominable church. And also for the praise of the world do they destroy the saints of God and bring them down into captivity. (1 Nephi 3:19 RE)

As with cities and churches, the “destruction” of a soul does not mean its complete annihilation; rather it means that soul must suffer the judgments of God. Said Jacob to his proud brethren:

And now my brethren, do ye suppose that God justifies you in this thing? Behold, I say unto you, nay, but he condemneth you; and if ye persist in these things, his judgments must speedily come unto you. Oh that he would shew you that he can pierce you, and with one glance of his eye he can smite you to the dust. Oh that he would rid you from this iniquity and abomination. And, oh that ye would listen unto the word of his commands, and let not this pride of your hearts destroy your souls. (Jacob 2:5)

In each of these cases, we’ve seen that “destruction” does not require complete annihilation, and that what is “destroyed” can continue to exist, albeit in an altered and diminished state, for quite some time. This brings us back to the example of Rochester Castle from Post 4, which was destroyed the moment the miners removed the foundation from the corner of the Southeast tower. Oh sure, the castle was still standing, the walls still shielding the garrison from stones and arrows, but the destruction was already a fait accompli, with the timing of the actual fall left as the only remaining question. 

And so we encounter the chilling notion that a people and even a nation can be destroyed and not know it. Yes, that seems odd, and yet the Book of Mormon text bears it out. Let’s consider some instructive examples. 

The prophet Ether warned Coriantumr of coming destruction:

And in the second year, the word of the Lord came to Ether that he should go and prophesy unto Coriantumr that if he would repent, and all his household, the Lord would give unto him his kingdom and spare the people. Otherwise, they should be destroyed, and all his household, save it were himself. And he should only live to see the fulfilling of the prophecies which had been spoken concerning another people receiving the land for their inheritance, and Coriantumr should receive a burial by them, and every soul should be destroyed save it were Coriantumr. And it came to pass that Coriantumr repented not, neither his household, neither the people; and the wars ceased not. And they sought to kill Ether, but he fled from before them and hid again in the cavity of the rock. (Ether 6:5 RE)

The moment Coriantumr rejected Ether’s message, he sealed the destruction of himself and his people. They were, at that moment destroyed and all that remained was the blood and carnage to complete the deed. Every word of Ether’s amazing prophecy was precisely fulfilled. And that’s just the point: once the destruction has been decreed and the conditions met for its completion, it will proceed to completion, and nothing can stop it. When the foundation has been removed, the castle will fall. There is no other way.

Let’s look at another example:

Therefore, they did combine against the people of the Lord and enter into a covenant to destroy them and to deliver those who were guilty of murder from the grasp of justice which was about to be administered according to the law. And they did set at defiance the law and the rights of their country. And they did covenant one with another to destroy the governor and to establish a king over the land, that the land should no more be at liberty, but should be subject unto kings.

Now behold, I will shew unto you that they did not establish a king over the land, but in this same year, yea, the thirtieth year, they did destroy upon the judgment seat, yea, did murder the chief judge of the land. And the people were divided one against another and they did separate one from another into tribes, every man according to his family, and his kindred, and friends; and thus they did destroy the government of the land. And every tribe did appoint a chief or a leader over them; and thus they became tribes and leaders of tribes. Now behold, there was no man among them save he had much family and many kindreds and friends, therefore their tribes became exceeding great. Now all this was done, and there were no wars as yet among them. And all this iniquity had come upon the people because they did yield themselves unto the power of Satan. (3 Nephi 3:5-6 RE)

In this example the government and the rule of law were destroyed by the murder of the chief judge. Notice there was not complete social breakdown or mass chaos, nor was there war. The people divided into tribes, and lived in some degree of peace as they rebelled against God and murdered the prophets he sent. They had already been destroyed but didn’t realize it until their annihilation in the upheavals during Christ’s crucifixion three years later.

And thus we see there is a space of time between destruction and what the Book of Mormon calls “sweeping off” or “utter destruction.” During that time, the course of destruction can be changed, but only by repentance. If the repentance is widespread and sincere, the decreed destruction is rescinded, as was the case with Ninevah when Jonah warned them. If the repentance is sparse and individual, some remnant may be led away to safety before the sweeping off, as happened with Lehi, Nephi and Mosiah, but the remaining population will be swept off.

God sends prophets and signs to warn of destruction, though they are seldom widely heeded. I believe the blood moon tetrad of 2014-2015 was God’s general warning, culminating in the final super moon sign of Jonah calling us to repent as did Ninevah. Sadly, the signs overhead were largely viewed as little more than curiosities. 

Naturally, much has changed since 2015 and our society has become alarmingly more angry, divided, ignorant, confused, fearful, and dark. I could write essay upon essay citing the absolute insanity of what we’ve become. When the way to defeat racism is by becoming hyper racist, when the way to empower women is by cheering while men in makeup defeat them in competition, when the most important qualification for a Supreme Court Justice of the United States is skin color and genitalia, and the woman nominated for that position says she cannot define the word “woman,” when an alarming majority of people are afraid to express their thoughts for fear of very real consequences, when it becomes criminal to even question mathematically impossible election results, when parents are told they have no say in, and no right to even know what their children are being taught at school regarding race and sexuality, when government and tech companies can monitor all facets of private lives without cause or warrant, when free citizens can be arrested and imprisoned without trial for simply being in a certain city on a certain day, and when religions have become the greatest champions of control instead of truth, when the government causes massive inflation by creating prodigious amounts of fiat money without creating any value, when government bureaucrats intentionally destroy huge swaths of the economy in the name of pretended climate salvation, and when choruses of billions demand war, we simply must be blind not to notice the path we’re on and the doom to which it leads. 

Wow, that was a tough paragraph to write, but theres still more, which brings us back to Roger Williams and the first amendment. 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

In very recent times whether we realize it or not, we’ve witnessed the loss of our constitution, the rule of law, and the notion of God-given Natural Rights. Each guarantee listed in the first amendment above, though still ostensibly existing as the law of the land, has been undermined to the point of destruction. 

Freedom to Assemble and Petition

After what happened on January 6 2021, including the disturbing evidence of intentional rejection of National Guard troops, undercover FBI agents agitating the crowd, video of officers opening doors and letting people into the capitol, the unjustified shooting of a woman in the crowd by an incompetent officer, the massive, coordinated misrepresentation of this event as an “armed insurrection,” and the resulting incarceration of many citizens for over a year and counting, without a trial on the horizon, I think it’s safe to say people will be extremely hesitant to “peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” 

Evidently, violent riots, arson, theft, looting, and war on law enforcement are all ok though, as long as you espouse the cause of those in charge.

Freedom of the Press

Nearly every major press outlet is now owned or controlled by a small handful of related corporations. Overwhelming evidence demonstrates the various press outlets collude to control information, shape public opinion, and promote stories in a certain way. They don’t even attempt to hide it at this point. Smaller, independent news outlets who attempt to present an alternative viewpoint find they have no ability to reach any sort of audience because the internet and all other communication channels are controlled by the same corporations that control the news. Alternative viewpoints are de-platformed and silenced.

Every major news outlet took money from the Federal Government to suppress certain information and promote other information regarding Covid, regardless of science or reliable evidence. It was so effective that the majority of our citizens, even most healthcare workers, are utterly unaware of the overwhelming science that contradicts the approved narrative, simply dismissing it all as “anti-vax.” When the government pays to disseminate overwhelming and untrue information, we call that propaganda. Freedom of the press is a thing of the past, even without the government making any specific law to abridge it. It doesn't require aberrant laws to utterly control the press. It only requires consolidation and collusion.

Freedom of Speech

A recent survey showed a strong majority of Americans are afraid to speak their minds on a variety of topics for fear that their personal opinions may bring reprisal, punishment, loss of opportunity, loss of employment, or worse. This is a significant change from just 5 years ago. Self-censorship is now the approach of the majority of Americans. Oh sure, youre free to speak your mind, but God help you if you do. 

Likewise, as I alluded to above, every major social media platform, news outlet, and even internet service providers and mobile phone providers engage in overt censorship of opinions with which they disagree. It’s gotten to the point that even private text messages are censored. It wasn’t too long ago that “censorship” was a dirty, evil word, expressing what was done by totalitarians and dictators to exercise control, dominion and compulsion on the masses. Now it’s just another Tuesday, and few notice or care. The powerful platforms openly censor and remove anyone who departs too far from the approved messaging, regardless of truth.

Freedom of speech ostensibly exists of course, as a legal right. But free speech rights are irrelevant if nobody else can hear what you have to say, and you can’t speak without reprisal.

Freedom of Religion

In Post 2 we discussed how the freedom of religion is the foundation of all other freedoms we enjoy. This is because it inherently enshrines two important truths:

  1. The relationship between the individual and God supersedes the relationship between the individual and the state. Therefore in the realm of religion, the state has no power to dictate, demand, or deny; it must yield.
  2. All Natural Rights come to humans from God and not from the state. Therefore, because the state does not bestow Natural Rights, the state likewise cannot revoke them. The state’s sole intended function is to protect the Rights we receive from God.

Upon these two truths hangs all else. 

During the ongoing Covid issue, the war engines of big government, big business, big tech, and big pharma hurled volley after volley against the Keep of Natural Rights. Numerous laws were ignored, science was polluted, free speakers were threatened, canceled, and all but destroyed, money, politics, corporate interests and above all, control made mighty gains in the name of “the common good.” Lies were spun with wild abandon, and willing minions repeated them with foam and screeches. Definitions were rewritten. Truth was blatantly denied. But against the sturdy walls of Natural Rights, all these stones and arrows had limited effect. 

As long as the freedom of religion remained as the foundation of all Natural Rights, any who objected to the forced administration of an experimental medical treatment for a disease that represented almost no threat, yet had safe harbor. 

And now behold, I say unto you that the foundation of the destruction of this people is beginning to be laid by the unrighteousness of your lawyers and your judges. (Alma 8:6 RE)

But that all changed in the face of an unproven, experimental gene therapy, relabeled a “vaccine,” though it neither prevents people from contracting nor from spreading the disease in question (and wasnt designed to), in the name of an imaginary “greater good” that has no definition, no evidence, and no basis in reality, simply because unelected bureaucrats in positions of power decreed it to be so. The final disaster then ensued:

  • In August 2021, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett denied a bid by students at Indiana University to block the school’s mandatory vaccine requirement over issues of bodily integrity.
  • In October 2021, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to block New York City’s mandatory vaccination requirement for all public employees. 
  • October 29, 2021: The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a case brought by Maine healthcare workers seeking religious exemption to mandatory Covid vaccination.
  • November 29, 2021: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer refused to hear an emergency petition brought by Massachusetts healthcare workers seeking religious exemption to vaccination.
  • Dec. 13, 2021: The Supreme Court rejected challenges brought by healthcare workers over New York’s refusal to allow religious exemptions to Covid vaccinations.
  • Feb 22, 2022: The Supreme Court rejected an emergency appeal by 15 New York City teachers seeking religious exemption to mandatory vaccination requirements.

The highest court in the land—the court of last resort—has now resoundingly and repeatedly declared, and therefore set precedent for all other courts, that the individual’s relationship with God NO LONGER supersedes the power of the state so long as the state makes any claim of “greater good,” no matter how specious. In practical terms, this means the following:

  • Regardless of your religious objections, the state can compel you to undergo experimental medical treatment for a disease you do not have, or face loss of your livelihood, freedom of movement, freedom of association, access to commerce, and access to medical care, among other penalties.  
  • There is no requirement that the experimental medical procedure be proven safe or effective. (In the case of covid gene therapies, it is utterly impossible to have proven such a thing because the therapies have not existed long enough to establish such a track record.) Indeed, valid science is NOT REQUIRED AT ALL, and to the extent “science” is wanted, it can be manufactured or ignored at will. Executive orders alone appear to be all that is required to strip you of your rights and take control of your body.
  • Therefore, the state has asserted, and gained, final control over your body. Since “the spirit and the body is the soul of man” the state now claims control over your soul, even in matters of personal religious observance. 
  • Therefore, the state now claims to be God, and any other god you worship is subservient to it. Please don’t fail to note the significance of this statement. There’s a new god in town, and the True and Living God has a challenger. (Ask Elijah how that ends.) 
  • This means there is effectively NO matter of conscience in which the whims of some unelected bureaucrat cannot overthrow your deepest commitments to God. Remarkably, religious leaders have led the charge into this flaming abyss! Moloch is most pleased. (I would add as an aside that following any such religious leader who promoted and assisted this catastrophe is beyond foolish; it is suicide.)
  • This is such a fundamental tectonic shift in political and religious understanding, belief and practice that nothing will ever be the same again. Normal is not coming back. Jesus is.

In practical terms, as I write this, I have lights and heat, gas in my car, food in my kitchen, and I’ll get up and go to work tomorrow. My day-to-day life continues much as it has for years, minus a few inconveniences and annoyances. The walls look solid, the roof is holding, and the Keep is well provisioned. And yet, as we’ve been distracted with lockdowns, travel restrictions, mask mandates, and an unending diet of fear porn in the media, the miners have been hard at work, sapping the strength of the final bulwark against tyranny. They have now succeeded in undermining the foundation of it all, and a single spark is all that’s required to ignite the brush, boards and bacon grease that have replaced the foundation. IT HAS CHANGED. It will ignite, it will burn, and it will fall. Great will be the fall thereof.

Our society, our rights, our government, and we as a people have been destroyed. 

Roger Williams, the “man among the gentiles” was the beginning. He laid the foundation that supported the structure for nearly 400 years. But true to the Nephite pattern, it has been destroyed in the expected time period. All that remains is the sweeping off soon to come. We may yet have a few years of relative stability in which to build a temple, but even that is in terrible jeopardy at this moment. God help us.

For as their laws and their governments were established by the voice of the people, and they who chose evil were more numerous than they who chose good, therefore they were ripening for destruction. ... For the laws had become corrupted, yea, and this was not all; they were a stiffnecked people, insomuch that they could not be governed by the law nor justice, save it were to their destruction.

—Helaman 2:15 RE

And he had sworn in his wrath unto the brother of Jared that whoso should possess this land of promise, from that time henceforth and for ever should serve him, the true and only God, or they should be swept off when the fullness of his wrath should come upon them.

—Ether 1:6 RE


  1. My mouth actually fell open to see your map of all the Salems. Phenomenal blog series, Adrian. And thank you. I hadn't realized the full implications of the vax mandates now without religious or bodily autonomy exemption. "...the state now claims control over your soul. [...] any other god you worship is subservient to [the state]."
    Wow. And how true that is.
    Messianic Jewish Rabbi Johnathan Cahn re-told his story as having encountered a man (prophet in disguise, was how he put it) who was pointing out God's signs and warnings in plainness. This evidence was the meat of his book. He has admitted that the insights came to him, rather than an tangible person. But, angels do teach in such ways that you are left feeling that you have had such a conversation. Thank you for sharing what you've been taught, even if you did not actually sit down with such a man.

  2. And prophetic witnesses come from many sources; there is a Russian-American former Soviet Naval officer who has written 3 books and made many blog posts on the destruction of America's "castle" and "keep" just from a geopolitical, military, and economic perspective while still claiming to be Atheist/Agnostic from his Soviet background. He has, recently, come to have his heart somewhat softened towards Orthodox Christianity by seeing how it has helped to revitalize Russia in the past couple of decades. Who knows, perhaps those that the gospel will be transferred to upon the North American gentiles rejection of it might be some people in Russia. See his blog at;

  3. Peace comes when one realizes that whatever we are called to endure, it is of God. If I am to persist through all of this then so be it. If I and my family perish, then so be it. We've prepared as much as we're able. The rest is in the Lord's hands. May he return soon to deliver us from evil.

  4. Adrian, what do you mean the temple is in terrible jeopardy right now?

    1. Two thoughts. From an economic perspective, funds and time are needed. Both are in short supply, in my opinion. I think there's a short window of time and if we don't get it done we will fail.

      From the more important spiritual perspective, I can't speak for others, but as for me, I require much more spiritual preparation, repentance, and dedication. If that holds for the covenant body, it's even more important than the temporal means needed.

    2. Do we have any guesses as to how short on funds we are? It seems like it would be easier to rally together to meet the deficit if we knew what that amount was. I do assume there are good reasons for not sharing this information openly.

    3. I think part of it might be because another main deficit is currently being addressed, the communal one, rather than monetary. Growing together and learning to work together with the Lord as a people. Which, I think is improving and making progress.

    4. I'm curious if anyone else has had this thought concerning the Temple. Many of us who own homes have seen them inflate/appreciate to unheard of dollars. Many are waiting to sell until the Temple is announced or some sort of "call" is given, then we will sell and give all to the building of the Temple. My recent thoughts, and they scare me, are.... what if we would sacrifice and take that leap of faith and sell during this time of inflation and donated to the Temple funds? Do we have it backwards? Are we going to miss the opportunity because we are waiting for a "call". Think of the millions of dollars that could be donated in a month! But... where would we live? RV, Yert, treehouse? Is this inflation an opportunity we are passing by. Is this not qualify us to build Zion? Just my thoughts.

  5. Well, considering that there are 36 cities in the US named Salem, I suppose it wasn't very hard to hit 7 while missing 29 of them.

    1. Maybe there is an additional significance in the number seven. We shouldn't lean to our own understanding.

  6. This series has been some of the most inspired content I have read on here. The idea that the destruction has already essentially happened is something I've seen another Book of Mormon commentator suggest. I do agree with the general idea and it's something that's been on my mind for years. There is a soul to these lands discussed in the Book of Mormon that I used to feel in my life and that soul is gone. I pray that perhaps the day of a Gentile remnant working alongside a Lamanite remnant to build the New Jerusalem may not be many years far from now.

  7. I watched a portion of the confirmation hearing for the new supreme court nominee. When the question was put to her about “what is a woman” and she replied: "I don't know" (since she isn't a biologist), it smacked of Denver‘s parable titled Wise Men from the book 10 parables. How that body had become so unwise and so out of touch with reality that they could no longer answer common sense basic questions. In the parable the experts were asked an equally common sense question about where the sun rises and they too replied that they couldn't tell, since the question made no sense to them.

  8. Wow! It's so very easy to deny that the fullness of God's wrath is "fait accompli" upon the United States of America.
    I confess the LORD's hand in my moving to Canada six years ago and receiving permanent residency, but I don't believe that Canadians are more righteous than Americans or that the Canadian government is less despotic.

  9. Good stuff as always, Adrian. Takes courage to put this stuff out there...

  10. "The human race is obsessed by the question: what exists? It appears to be a far easier question than: what do you want to imagine? This comparison explains why civilizations decline." ~ Exit From The Matrix: The surpassing power of imagination « Jon Rappoport's Blog (

    What do I imagine?
    A holy city.
    "Verily, verily, I say unto you, I give unto you to be the light of this people. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid."
    "The next time there is a place where people of righteousness are taught and gathered, it will no longer be taken up to Heaven. Instead, it will allow Enoch’s and Melchizedek’s people to return. A holy city must be prepared to welcome that return."

  11. Great article. As an update to the covid vaccine mandate, a federal judge blocked the Biden administration order for federal empmoyees, and that is now working through the court system. Hard to say if it will be upheld, if so it could be a precedent for other groups.

    Based on the temper of previous Supreme Court rulings the chances seem good it will be struck down.

  12. The solar eclipse of 2024 passes through 7-9 Salems(including the only Salem in Canada). Very interesting.

  13. Agenda 2030 - that is their goal for society: "You will own nothing and you will be happy". The Klaus Schwab doctrine from the world economic forum. "Now is the great day of [Satan's] power."

  14. I really enjoyed the series so far, but you got pretty political, and your fear porn media is FOX NEWS (opinion) Channel. Look, 'no belief' is the same as 'belief', and the state should not force Christian beliefs on (make laws that force biblical values) on the non Christian believers. Doing so (forcing "God's will" or Christian values) would go against Roger Williams legacy of keeping state and religion separate. Gov Little was correct that anti vaccine mandates is over reach for the government, so are vaccine mandates 'by' the government. Interesting also to see that "pro-small government" (republicans) wants so many laws controlling others "god given" right to choose.

    I love the scriptural meat of this series but don't agree with the politics. I wonder if someone that is progressive and middle leaning politically can have a place in this movement of religious truth intermingled with political extremism. How so many can believe the truth of the restoration but outright deny truths that don't align with their views of the last election or Jan 6th insurrection, with the mountains of truthful evidence against their whispers of conspiracy? My heart is saddened, and I don't know where I belong anymore.

    1. Hi Eric,

      My intent wasn't to highlight politics, but rather to investigate conditions as they are. Each of the fundamental Rights I spoke about, together with their current state of being undermined is meant not to take particular sides, but rather to point out how the Rights are failing. For example, surveys show the majority of people are afraid to exercise the right to free speech. Surveys also show a large portion of both sides of the political debate (and some surveys show a majority of US citizens) don't have confidence in the results of the last election.

      The overarching point is that the Supreme Court was the last defense for the freedom of religion, as it relates to autonomy over one's own body and soul, and that defense has failed. That's not political; that's simply the facts.

      I don't consider my views extreme, just like you don't consider yours extreme. I believe that what unites us both is greater than any political differences, and hope you know I am your friend. I welcome you as a fellow covenant holder and hope you view me the same way.

      The prophecies are being fulfilled. Western civilization is failing before our eyes, and will continue to do so "until the consumption decreed has made a full end of all nations."

      I am curious about your statement about "forcing" Christian values on others. Can you help me understand what you mean?

    2. Why get upset over the views of others? Why is it so far-fetched to believe that there is a grand conspiracy when the BoM plainly states that there will be? Are the scriptures wrong? Do you believe that the secret combinations don't exist because they're too secret to discover? That's kind of the point behind them. Yes I believe there was widespread fraud in the last election. Doesn't mean I like Trump. However, I for one will no longer be participating in a corrupt electoral system. Just like I won't ever trust the CDC, the federal government, or medical professionals again. There's no point anymore.

      None of this really matters in the grand scheme of things. Jan 6th doesn't matter. The 2020 election doesn't matter. The US is ready to take its final curtain call. Assuming any of us survive its implosion, what then? Well, if the scriptures are any indication, then God will be actively working with those who he chose to spare because of their belief in... Jesus. So it sounds like those Christian values are kind of important.

      I'll put my trust in him, come what may. The rest is just noise.

    3. Eric,

      You asked: "I wonder if someone that is progressive and middle leaning politically can have a place in this movement of religious truth intermingled with political extremism."

      Answer: No.

      I wouldn't be too hard on Adrian though. He is relatively on the moderate side compared to most, even though this entire post series, like all the other blogs within this "movement" are precisely calculated to do one thing and one thing only: Stir up anger.

    4. I disagree with your statements, Eric. Are you "open" to that? I believe everyone can have a place in this movement. It's not about us. It's about following Christ and doing what God is moving us to do. That looks different for everyone. Christ accepts everyone, though perhaps not their actions. Those who love and want a "place" with Him draw near unto Him. All are invited.

      I marvel the way Adrian succinctly, boldly, and clearly sets out truth. I do not believe he is doing it to "stir up anger", but merely to get us to look at prophecy revealing itself before our eyes and to, ultimately, get us to look at our relationships with the Lord, both as individuals and as a covenant people. I find peace in knowing that the Lord is in charge - in control - and I just need to do my part.

      I wonder what is triggering you about Adrian stating truth, backing those truths with facts, and then postulating his current beliefs about how those facts and prophecy intermingle. Or, if you don't believe that sentence, what is triggering you about Adrian not doing any of those things and just throwing out opinions directed to create anger? I know that many in this movement are "strong", Type A, bold individuals. That can seem a little intimidating or over-bearing at times, but, nevertheless, we get to choose what we believe and how we act. Not that I'm excusing behaviors that are hurtful. I don't believe Adrian is in that category at all. This is his blog - you get to choose to read it, or not. Totally up to you. I'm sorry that you feel the way you do about these "movement" blogs and I wonder why... I would love to understand.

    5. Eric, I likewise have wondered the same. I have a friend who went to a fellowship meeting in CO and couldn't handle the right wing rhetoric he encountered. He hasn't revisited the movement for years now. I stay in the movement, despite all the political one-sidedness, but it may help that I'm not able to fellowship due to family disinterest and not living close to anyone in the movement. But while I'm okay, I do worry that the movement is making it challenging to reach other "nations" (people from various sociopolitical persuasions) due to so many embracing one side of divisive issues. If this doesn't make sense to you, it may be because you are so inundated with biased information that you're not aware how unbalanced your thoughts have become. The same points could be made drawing from the shortcomings of both sides of the political discourse.

    6. I should clarify that when I say "If this doesn't make sense to you..." I'm speaking no longer speaking to Eric, but to the general "you" ... In other words, if you can't see how there are divisive rhetorical things in this blog post, then you're probably only drinking one flavor of disinformation.

    7. Hi "Me,"

      Though I agree with much of what you said, I would also offer a gentle reminder that a statement is not false simply because it is divisive. Christ said many things that were by nature "divisive" and "one sided." Indeed he predicted that his truths would always divide. Naturally, people can choose whether or not to be offended when encountering ideas with which they disagree, but we can't expect people to refrain from saying what they think, on either side of any issue, simply because their opinions are "divisive."

      Certainly I have touched some nerves in this post, and said things that will naturally divide people based on their opinions about what was said. But I tried very hard to be factually accurate and report events as they are. Remarkably, both sides of the political divide in our nation agree that things are changing very rapidly, and neither side seems to think things are changing for the better.

      Ultimately, it is the politicization that makes things divisive. For example, one side of the aisle has adopted medical freedom as their cause, and the other side has adopted medical totalitarianism. Ultimately it's not a question of medicine at all, but rather a question of political power, though it has now so completely tainted medicine and science that they are forever ruined as methods to pursue truth. And that's a tragedy. Medicine and science weren't the problem in the beginning, but now they are too toxic to discuss. More evidence that we have already been destroyed, whether we know it or not.

    8. Hi Adrian! I appreciate your response. You are 100% correct that Christ taught divisive things. I'm not opposed to such things that are pure spiritual truths, and you often stick to the scriptures, which I believe is your central message. My quandary is that it becomes distracting to your main message when you interweave one-sided political discourse. I think the few of us who are pointing this out, want your divisive truth from the scriptures, but your insights would reach further if they weren't combined with right-wing tropes. I only bother to say anything, because you are one of the most visible figures in this movement. I would love my dear kind-hearted liberal friends to read your analysis of scriptural prophecies, but once you rattle off a series of right-wing sound bites, they might summarily dismiss you as a right-wing parrot. My scientist brother (who works professionally in the field) would instantly shake his head at things in this post. Let them dismiss you for your scriptural truths, and not your opinions on politics, science, economics, etc. There are already thousands of information sources for the sociopolitical things you're saying, but there aren't that many sources for the scriptural things you're adept at explaining. Your writings influenced me several years ago. I love you for that. I hope you can continue to influence a wide range of souls who are earnestly seeking spiritual truth, even if they may not be from your political bubble.

  15. I do feel uncomfortable with strict mandates on vaccinations, but as for the question of whether it's a vaccine or gene therapy, I think we should confidently be able to take it at face value that what we're dealing with here is much closer to vaccine than gene therapy. Unless the term is being used very loosely (and even then, I don't think it's accurate), gene therapy is far too complex and expensive a technology to be administered by injection to 100s of millions of people. Whether our body is exposed to an attenuated virus, or a portion of the virus that's antigenic, the principle is the same. If you're exposed to something that resembles a virus or a portion of it, your immune system has a chance to get a "preview" of the main event, so that when/if it does happen, it can mount a more effective response. It can get a jump on the game and hopefully get the upper hand. No scientist or doctor (if they're worthy of the title) is going to claim that this gives us 100% immunity. No medicine or medical treatment is completely effective. The idea is to help alleviate or mitigate the illness.

  16. Anyway, back to gene therapy, this has been on my mind, because I recently had someone close to me ask me my opinion. I was sent the link to an American Thinker article on this subject. Just wanted to share what I wrote back:

    "I read through the article. I'm not sure how Dr. Martin defines gene therapy, but it's quite a sophisticated, fairly pie in the sky kind of technology, in my opinion. As a grad student, honestly I thought of it as akin to human flight to Mars. Yeah, we're trying to do it, but it's a long way off, if we get there at all.

    "The comparison to human flight to Mars is a bit of an exaggeration, because there have been some successes with gene therapy. For example, here are some articles. I haven't finished reading them, but they're really interesting. It's been a long time since I checked up on the status of gene therapy.

    "In my opinion (and I think it's supported by these articles), real gene therapy is a huge leap in complexity compared to injecting RNA into our shoulder for a COVID vaccine. The key with gene therapy is that genetic material from outside of our body has to be integrated into the DNA of progenitor cells in our body. By progenitor cells, I mean cells that are still dividing and differentiating into the different tissues of our body. See the question 'Why are stem cells so important in gene and cell therapy?' on this FAQ page:

    "And, if you look at the two articles above, they explain what a laborious, expensive, and (as I said) sophisticated process it is. A lot of the success stories have been with blood-related diseases, because progenitor blood cells are easy (albeit painful) to obtain from the bone marrow. Once you have the cells, you need to use what's referred to as a 'vector' to get the genetic material into the cells. Retroviruses are used as vectors, because they have the ability to generate DNA from RNA (hence the 'retro' in their name) and insert that DNA into a cell's DNA. [then the cells need to be put back into the body]

    "In the case of Dr. Martin's suspicion about the COVID vaccine actually being an injectable gene therapy technology, that sounds like quite a leap beyond what I think we're currently capable of. I did a google search for 'success with intramuscular gene therapy' and I only found academic articles. Here are a couple, but they're going to be quite technical. The second is super technical.

    Intramuscular Delivery of Gene Therapy for Targeting the Nervous System
    Bridging from Intramuscular to Limb Perfusion Delivery of rAAV: Optimization in a Non-human Primate Study

    "I didn't look very hard, so maybe there are some success stories (in humans, rather than proof-of-concept experiments in cells) out there. But, it sounds like a really big leap to me."

  17. "are precisely calculated to do one thing and one thing only: Stir up anger."

    Now you're just projecting, OM.

    1. Good call Anon @8:28AM.

      I like that this comment space is open for the free exchange of ideas. Good or bad, insightful or otherwise. Opposing views are posted same as any other comment. But with that comes times when bad ideas need to be identified. Not people, but bad ideas. Not all ideas are gems. I don't think we benefit from accepting bad ideas. Ever.

      OM's assertions are poor. And silly. I reject them. Putting forward the idea that every single blog in the movement and their authors are exclusively calculating to stir up anger is just. pure. nonsense. So is asserting that someone has no place in a movement due to their political views, founded a mass of assumptions. These types of ideas are affecting our country, and are helping destroy it, we should do better.

      In contrast, I put forward what strikes me as a good ideas: Uniting based on Christ's Doctrine, and Christ's Sermon on the mount, not make everything political that wasn't intended to be. And ceasing to assert what the motives are of bloggers in the movement. After all who are we to accurately describe the motives of these blog authors anyway? Who asked us to do that? Why even spend time on that when there's love and a welcoming hand to be extended, tolerance to be shown, and scriptures to study?

      These strike me as good ideas. They aren't my ideas. But if we all did them, we could all put our differences aside much easier.

      I like the free exchange of ideas. With that I believe comes the need to sometimes address bad ideas so we can see how unhelpful they are and gravitate instead to to the best ideas. Shouldn't the goal be the best ideas? And to rise from the interpersonal and collective mess we all sometimes find ourselves in, not wallow in it?

    2. "My will is to have you love one another".
      -Jesus Christ in the Answer to the Prayer for Covenant

      I have been pondering these posts and many others within the movement. This series in particular I have really really attempted to find any possible way this series could persuade even one soul to love even a single other soul. I try to give Adrian the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because I do love him. I first met him face to face in Grand Junction Colorado. He has a good heart. I was honestly shocked at how good as I had read a lot of his blog and posts and to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect. But I can't possibly conceive that this series will do anything to anyone, if not make them angry at other people they don't even personally know. It is at cross purposes with the will of The Father, who is Jesus Christ. He told us His will very very clearly. Anything that runs at odds with us loving one another is at odds with his will. Who does all this persuade you to love or try to love? Who is projecting?

    3. Hi OpenMind,

      I do appreciate your reminder about priorities and focus on love.

      But I also take issue with this statement: "I can't possibly conceive that this series will do anything to anyone, if not make them angry at other people they don't even personally know."

      If you can't conceive of “anyone” experiencing “anything” but anger as a result of reading this blog, this necessarily means you are angry yourself--because anything else would be inconceivable. And you are projecting that anger as the ONLY possible or valid response to what I've written. I think this is what the anonymous commenter meant about you projecting.

      I've spoken to a great many people about what I've written so far, and you are quite literally the only person I've encountered whose response is anger.

      But regardless of that, I would urge you to consider two thoughts:

      1. You’ve made a couple of shocking, all-inclusive blanket statements, including the one above about “anyone” and “anything” as well as asserting that "all the other blogs within this "movement" are precisely calculated to do one thing and one thing only: Stir up anger.” Such statements are inflammatory, accusatory, incredibly over-broad, and hostile. If "all" the blogs in this movement make you angry, I would suggest it may be you who has an underlying anger issue to deal with. I’m not saying this to be flippant or unkind. I sincerely hope you’ll consider where the anger originates. Being angry is a choice. I hope for something better and more peaceful for you.

      2. This series isn’t finished yet. Thus far I’ve laid the groundwork and made only one salient point: That we’ve already been destroyed, whether we realize it or not, and that the decreed destruction will continue to complete sweeping off. I still have at least two more important points to make in this series, which will require at least one more post, and likely more than that. So…I’d urge you to withhold judgment on this series until it’s complete.

      My ultimate goal is to cry repentance. Such a cry may indeed produce anger, if history is any indication. But it may also produce repentance and turning to the Lord, which is the only outcome I desire. I regret that it makes you angry. I regret having to endure accusations and criticisms for raising the warning. But raise the warning I will because time is short and souls are precious.

    4. Adrian,

      I said they were calculated to stir up anger. Whether or not they are effective in that purpose depends on the reader.

      The attempts failed on this reader.

      I'm not angry with any of people, both named and generalized on the political "left" that this blog post series, and many others attack non stop and relentlessly. Like Eric, I'm mostly simply sad that I can no longer find gospel posts coming from this movement and hurt that I could never be accepted among the group because I don't share in the fear,mistrust and suspicion of the political "left". What are you telling us to repent of with these posts? Not getting angry at the political left? What do you want me to repent of with this blog series? Tell me please!

      I'm pretty sure Eric and I are also crying repentance. We need to love. That's all. The spirit animating this kind of political rhetoric cannot lead there.

    5. OpenMind,

      I appreciate you trying to walk back your accusations and deny your anger, though doing so by accusing me of “calculating” to stir up anger really isn’t changing anything, nor does it deny what you clearly wrote.

      Now, to address your other questions, “What are you telling us to repent of with these posts? Not getting angry at the political left? What do you want me to repent of with this blog series? Tell me please!”—as I mentioned before, there is at least one and maybe two more posts coming. I’m as excited to write them as you clearly are to read them, but I ask for your patience as my time is extremely pressed. I hope to have the next installment up soon.

      Meanwhile, please rest assured my intention is not to stir up anger, nor is it to garner the sort of accusations and criticisms you’re providing me. I find it painful and difficult to write about this topic, and the attention it brings is unwelcome. I would much rather keep to myself and live my private life, without the need to put myself out there and take a bunch of arrows. I don’t want to anger anyone, and I certainly don’t “calculate” to do so.

  18. My personal perspective is that this telestial world is Satan's. He is the God of this world. Right or left side of Satan's kingdom ... it is still his kingdom. I seek for a third alternative (neither right nor left, for they are both corrupt, contentious and divisive by design... Satan's design) I seek to find, understand and live a third alternative... a terrestrial/ Christ centered world. I seek to be be a Gentile gathered with the House of Israel. This world (right or left) and the religions of this world cannot create Zion.

  19. The comments about whether someone on the political left is welcome in this movement have been interesting. I've read this concern elsewhere and I think it's an important topic. I'm glad Eric asked the question. I'd like to project forward to Zion and ask the question for Zion as opposed to just this movement. Because this movement is far from Zion. So would someone on the political left be welcome in Zion? Also, would someone on the political right be welcome in Zion? My answer to both those questions would be: "No." Here's why: The media primes people on the political left to hate the people on the political right. Also, the media primes people on the political right to hate the people on the political left. The scriptures don't appear to leave room in Zion for people who buy into those mindsets:

    "And it shall come to pass among the wicked that every man that will not take his sword against his neighbor must needs flee unto Zion for safety, and there shall be gathered unto it out of every nation under heaven, and it shall be the only people that shall not be at war one with another."

    In the 4 Nephi society: "neither were there Lamanites nor no manner of -ites, but they were in one the children of Christ and heirs to the kingdom of God."

    The media is attempting to get us to fight with each other. The scriptures teach another way. The Answer to the Prayer for covenant has a lot to say about this.

    So how do people who identify with the political left get along with people in this movement who identify with the political right? Is there any way? I don't think there is a way if the division being sewed in the world is brought to our conversations within the movement. I'd hate to see something on the political left leave because they don't see anyone who they feel comfortable fellowshipping with. At the same time, like, maybe we ought to drop our allegiances to these worldly ideologies. A focus on principles instead of a political groupthink would go a long way in helping us unite. Maybe a statement of principles to unite around could help us avoid these disagreements. The things the world has taught us won't be very helpful for Zion. As Denver taught, "No institution exists with the capacity to accomplish Zion. It will be so entirely foreign to this world that the people who come there will be required to adopt a new society, a new way of thinking, a different way of interacting, an entirely new law, a form of government that does not presently exist, an order to their lives that alters everything, and a form of righteousness that is only possible for a society with a new structure."

    That being said, it would serve us well to identify what's going on and not avoid commenting on current events just to avoid being identified as right or left. Sometimes our understanding of what's going on will look like we're on the political right, but that doesn't mean that we're right wingers and vice versa. I'm in the "none of the above" category. I like voluntaryism, which is very much at odds with the right and the left. Yet some people would say I'm right wing because of my views on the covid stuff, yet the right could identify me as a hippie left winger for my views on war (at least that would have been the case in the early 2000s, I'm not sure if the right is as militant now as they were conditioned to be after 9/11). This blog post didn't appear right wing to me, but I see how people could see it that way.

    So where do we go from here? How do we become as one as a people when the influences of the world want to do everything possible to keep us divided and fighting with each other?

  20. Kevin, well said.

    I feel using the Book of Mormon as our guide on how to interact with each other is paramount. Then it doesn't matter right or left, we allow all people their opinion and focus on what we can agree on.

    I like to consider myself neither right or left but hopefully where the Lord is.

    Just thoughts...

  21. 7 It shall come to pass that there shall be a great work in the land, even among the Gentiles, for their folly and their abominations shall be made manifest in the eyes of all people.
    8 For I am God, and mine arm is not shortened; and I will show miracles, signs, and wonders, unto all those who believe on my name....

    10 And the time speedily cometh that great things are to be shown forth unto the children of men;
    11 But without faith shall not anything be shown forth except desolations upon Babylon, the same which has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. (D&C 35)

    What do you see coming?

  22. Going back to the eclipse, a blogger pointed out AoA & Kirtland are also in the paths:

    And a commenter mentioned this interesting conjunction starting now:

  23. In Aravada, Denver concluded his talk by outlining how the God of Israel completely overthrew each of the apostate/corrupt Gods of Egypt.

    I believe that as the time of the gentiles comes to an end, the Lord is doing the same with the various Gods of the gentiles. By Gods of the gentiles, I mean anything that may have originally been inspired by God, or based on a true pattern, but has since been corrupted by men, just like the Egyptian Gods were false versions of the real thing. In the past few years, we have learned that many groups and organizations we once trusted or even put our faith in have been corrupted, and now are at best imitations or poor substitutes of the real thing.

    Organized religions have proven corrupt, hence a need to return to a more pure form of religion that connects us directly to God.

    As hard as it is for me to say this as a scientist, divinely-inspired tools of observation and human betterment like the scientific method have been corrupted by man. Many claim to be “following the science,” but it is unclear what that means anymore, as everything has become politicized. At one end, some claim men can get pregnant. On the other end, some believe the vaccines were a conspiracy to kill 1/3 of the world’s population, yet both claim backing from science. I believe scientific principles are still Godly, but now “follow the science” feels no different than “follow the prophet,” in that it is more a means of ending debate than encouraging the investigation of truth.

    The financial system and our economy no longer seem to be built on sound principles, but often times seem like an illusion designed to serve the interests of a wealthy few. If there ever was a God of the gentiles, I would think our obsessions with amassing wealth would be high on the list.

    Our political parties have all become corrupted and seem more interested in winning small battles against one another than in serving the public. This seems true of parties on all sides of the political spectrum.

    We place much faith in our political leaders and our processes for electing those to lead us, but few trust those anymore.

    We have placed much faith in a free press, but no longer trust that we are getting the full story and have to sort through a lot fake news and political bias. It seems each side has their own news sources.

    We place much faith in our military might and technology, but it does not seem to bring us a lasting peace.

    We have become proud of our medical knowledge, but often must fight giant bureaucracies in order to receive care.

    This list could be much longer, but it is clear to me that all of the gentile Gods are being exposed as corrupt and collapsing on themselves.

    Our only option is to repent and return to the true God. Our military, our wealth, our medicine, our economic and financial institutions, our religious and scientific institutions, and our governmental and civic organizations—things we as gentiles once believed set us apart—have all proven corrupt and untrustworthy and poor imitations of the divine.

  24. I find it interesting that in the Lectures on Faith Joseph Smith taught that we cannot exercise faith in God until we have a correct understanding of the character, perfections, and attributes of God. All of the attributes listed are essentially reasons why we can trust Him. He cannot lie, He is merciful, He is no respecter of persons, He is the same yesterday, today and forever, He is love, etc. He is the opposite of the Gods of this world.

    Our gentile Gods have been exposed and will not last. Instead of trying to look for people to blame for their corruption and downfall or to try and preserve and defend them, it might be time to simply set those Gods aside, let them go, flee Babylon, and humbly heed Moroni’s invitation to “seek this Jesus of whom the prophets and apostles have written, that the grace of God the Father, and also the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, which beareth record of them, may be and abide in you forever.”

    We, as gentiles, need to repent or we face the destructions that have been outlined in this series of Posts by Adrian. The scriptures often invite us to repent, but rarely define what exactly that means. Alma provides an answer:
    “these records and their words brought them unto repentance; that is, they brought them to the knowledge of the Lord their God, and to rejoice in Jesus Christ their Redeemer.”

    May we as gentiles repent, or in other words, come to a knowledge of God and rejoice in our redeemer. Jesus is coming back to redeem this fallen world and it is going to be amazing.

  25. I just discovered your interview with Lindsay Hansen Park online from 2017! Your work and ideas are inspiring, I am excited to have come across your work.


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