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Temporal preparedness in the face of an uncertain economic future is prudent, to say the least. A group of dedicated people have spent the last year studying, learning and organizing useful information to share with all who are interested. The fruits of their labors are beginning to take shape, and they prepared the following announcement. I'm personally very grateful for the work they're doing and the ways it will benefit us all. Here is their announcement:

A work for Zion has begun.


Several months ago, a handful of families in the movement felt inspired to begin an effort to lay up stores against a coming time of want and need. A work group from among interested parties was formed and work was begun to consider questions related to the issue of providing for our families through coming circumstances we may face as the Lord brings His Zion.  A growing number of families have begun the necessary labor to provide for our families against a fast approaching “troubling season,” (T&C 158:12), and what may follow as the Lord moves forward His work to bring His Zion. 


We invite every person and family in this movement to join in the labor for Zion now by laying up stores to provide for your family against coming seasons of want and need. 


“God cannot produce Zion for, or with, people who refuse to labor. Because  His promise is for the results of the labor and nothing else. As far as I know, none of us, and certainly I, cannot provide for everyone. But, I can provide for my own family. And each of you should labor to do the same” (Equality - Denver Snuffer - Challis Idaho Transcript pg. 13 of 20).


We are to Labor to Provide for our Families.  


We are required to provide for our families now in the present. Looking forward, we will need to provide for our families in a “troubling season now fast approaching” (T&C 158:12) and beyond.


Note: Four years have elapsed since the Lord gave us this instruction (T&C 158:12).You might ask yourselves, what have we done in four years to prepare for a troubling season? 


We will need to provide for our families during an undefined length of time following a gathering by the Lord in which our entire efforts and labors may be required to be devoted to subduing and working the earth until she yields sufficient for our needs (For guidance see Equality - Denver Snuffer - Challis Idaho transcript page 10 of 20).


God, in His mercy, is giving us this current season of relative peace, abundance, and prosperity.  He is making it possible for us to provide for our families now, and during a fast approaching ‘troubling season’ and beyond as the Lord brings forth His Zion (For guidance see Equality - Denver Snuffer - Challis Idaho Transcript pages 9-10 of 20).


Many are anxiously engaged preparing to provide for our families’ and fellowships’ coming needs. We invite you to join the work for Zion by beginning your own labor to provide for your family against a coming day of want now fast approaching (T&C 158:12).


What is the Suggested Plan?


Above all things we desire to receive and exactly follow the will and desires of the Lord for us. This must be His work, done at His direction. We desire above all things that He be our guide. 


Individuals and Families 

  1. Determine your families’ needs.
  2. Determine what you already have.
  3. Prioritize your families’ needs.
  4. Lay out a plan to acquire your families’ needs.
  5. Begin to produce, acquire, and lay up stores.



  1. Counsel together with fellowship members to inspire, encourage, and help them identify family needs and begin to lay up stores.
  2. Work together as mutually agreed among fellowship to meet the needs of fellowship members.
  3. Review carefully, and prayerfully follow all revealed words of the Lord concerning wise and required use and application of limited temporal resources. (For Guidance see Equality - Denver Snuffer - Challis Idaho Transcript pg. 13-15) can 

Storehouse Work Group

  1. Provide knowledge and resources to assist families and fellowships to identify and meet storage needs.
  2. Gather knowledge and resources to build and maintain a central web site that individuals, families, and fellowships may use to help meet their storage needs.
  3. Recommend contact between individuals, families, and fellowships with specific resources and storage skills and those searching for those specific resources or skills.
  4. Create, manage, and update, a central information exchange hub for "great deals" and storage opportunities (Website "Specials" page).
  5. Provide a "Wants / Available" listing page on the web site for items individuals or families may be seeking, or willing to sell or give away.


If you would like to know more, please visit the website Stand for resources we have gathered to assist your family and fellowship in your efforts to prepare. 


The website  Stand is a work in progress that will be evolving and changing as we go along. We invite you to share your expertise, ideas, and experiences related to storage topics that may assist all others in their storage efforts.  Your stories, ideas, suggestions and other content will be appreciated.


Please contact us at with ideas, experiences, stories, and other suggestions for content to be added to the website. The storehouse work group will determine together by common consent vote all content to be added to the website Stand  


The storehouse work group:


Nephi and Kim Barlow

Evan and Karen Bennett

Terry and Mellody Fausett

Jim and Angela O’Rullian

McKay Platt

Jon and Tina Saunders

Kimberly and Mike Thompson

Steve and Linda VanLeer

Shalyce Woodard



  1. Ok, I've "been there...done that". If I may offer what I learned...I offer this NOT in cynicism, but to be helpful.

    1) we wanted to be special. We might have been prideful in that - jumping the gun. Not a good thing, of course.
    2) We pooled our resources, which were quite inequitably pooled, but that was never the problem. For example, my wife and I contributed 10's of thousands of $$ for the maintenance and upkeep of the less blessed families, but that was not enough. Yet, this was not the cause of the break-up.
    3) During our tail-spin, I kept trying to say, "We need to learn to love each other - then the work will come". Over the past 5+ years, I continue to say, Love first. All else will follow. Without the love - nothing you try to do, try to organize, or contribute - will ever be enough.
    4) The Boise covenant - in my mind - said this. Love first. Love last. Love always. Love, love, love.
    5) although I've drifted away from the community that stood for the covenant - I have continued to learn about love, and I am more convinced, and am applying the principle, more today than back then.

    So, my friends, please heed my plea. There are many pitfalls. But if you focus on loving each other, the pitfalls will be overcome. If you do NOT focus FIRST, ALWAYS, EXCLUSIVELY on loving each other, nothing else that you attempt will be successful.

    BTW - we started with 22 people. We have 7 (2 families) that have loved each other for the past 6 years. We have shared much - property, resources, finances, labor - overcome much, accomplished much. We have a wonderful life that we share with a balance of community and privacy. And it's because we extended grace to each other...because we loved first, and the rest followed.

    Best wishes for you all.

    1. Scoot speaks the truth.

      “ Above all things we desire to receive and exactly follow the will and desires of the Lord for us. This must be His work, done at His direction. We desire above all things that He be our guide. ”

      If anyone actually believes that statement beyond empty words spoken in pride of being one of the “chosen”, then hear the Lord’s will, not only to say but to do:

      “ For you to unite I must admonish and instruct you, for my will is to have you love one another. ”

      -Answer to the prayer for covenant, page 1

      THAT’S His will. There is a reason this is His focus for us. The preparedness stuff is important, but we will degrade into hate, fear, mistrust, and suspicion of each other exactly like the world is doing if we do not learn how to do this.

    2. Hoping others can see the truth that comes from experience.


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