Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sunstone Remnant Movement Transcript

Tausha and I, along with Quintina and Rob Adolpho, participated in a panel discussion at the Sunstone Symposium regarding the remnant movement. Here's a written transcript of the discussion:

Download PDF Here

Many thanks to Spencer Morley for producing this transcript.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Clarifying Light and Darkness

Several women who recently participated in a women’s council asked me to post the following statement:

It has been discovered that some who profess to seek Zion have taught principles of “bonded soulmates,” “bonded wives,” “first eternal spouse,” or some variation thereof; and/or have participated in secret and false ordinances associated with these ideas. These teachings originate with the same evil being who, “from the days of Cain” authored “a secret combination, and their works were in the dark…and thus the works of darkness began to prevail among all the sons of men.” (Moses 5:51, 55). Since that time, Lucifer has continuously sought to destroy the agency and bring people into bondage.

A council of women was brought together to evaluate a man’s approval to act in his priesthood among the fellowships. Through this council these works of darkness have been exposed and we, as members of that council, do openly denounce such teachings and practices, as does the man for whom the council was called. It has been shown that the man was taught such concepts and teachings by a woman, and as such we acknowledge that all men and women are fallible.

Let it be known publicly that the teaching and practice of “bonded soulmates,” secret ordinances between men and women not legally and lawfully married in this world, or physical intimacy outside the bonds of marriage are abominations before the Lord and are denounced by those seeking to establish Zion.

The man’s accusers have made public claims about this private council, including claims that Denver Snuffer said the following:

  • The man in question was “a key contributor” to the scripture project.
  • The man in question “had received important revelations concerning the scripture project.”
  • Denver also confidently assured the council that [the man] was “innocent.”

We were present during all council proceedings, and assert these public statements are false and were never made by Denver Snuffer. We denounce these attempts to mischaracterize the purposes and results of this council.

This council was not a referendum on the scripture project or Denver Snuffer. It should not be used as such. This was a private action concerning one man who has repented and renounced his prior errors.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Scripture Project Voting (Guide and Standard) Ending Soon

The third round of voting on the scripture project, for the purpose considering the Guide and Standard document ends at Midnight (MDT) Saturday, August 12. This is an important opportunity to participate in this vital process.

Please carefully consider the document and place your vote. It will also be helpful to review the Prayer for Covenant and Answer and Covenant documents before voting.

You can learn more and vote at this link.