Friday, July 2, 2021

Christ's Most Under-appreciated Sermon

From time to time people ask me when I'm going to write more blog posts. Believe me, I wish I could, but my time is currently occupied with a different project related to the Book of Mormon, which requires much commitment. There's plenty to blog about, and important things to consider, but I just can't fit much writing in lately. 

Meanwhile the Lord's agenda moves forward, and I do what I can to teach when possible. Last weekend marked the 4th annual Joseph Smith Restoration Conference. I think this was the best conference yet, featuring speakers and messages filled with light and truth. Here's the link to the conference website where you can watch the presentations:

And here's a link to the talk I gave at the Conference last weekend. It's titled, "Thy Watchmen Shall Lift up the Voice: Christ's Most Under-appreciated Sermon." 

And here is the link to the PDF of Christ's sermon, as promised. Note: This version is slightly different than the one I showed in my presentation. This version incorporates some visual improvements suggested by conference attendees. I think it's better, and I appreciate all who suggested improvements. 

Important Note: The following PDF contains so much information that the only practical way to print a usable version is to print it several feet wide. (The original was designed as a 10-foot wide visual display for the conference.) If you try to print this version at a standard paper size, it will be unreadable. But if you use it on your computer screen, it zooms in and out very nicely. So it's best used on a screen, rather than as a print.

Click to Download PDF

Because the display version PDF above is not particularly easy to print or study, my friend Marv Bateman was kind enough to put together a text version of the information for study. Though the visual representations of the symmetry and linked portions of the sermon are absent, all of the text is present here and organized in the same headings as the large chart. 

Click to Download Text Version PDF

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  1. Truly important material and delivered very skillfully. This talk definitely removed confusion and increased understanding. A true sign of an authentic message.

    Perhaps an under appreciated observation related to the material…

    Q: What is an example of a common chiasmus?
    A: A family tree upon the joining of a couple in marrriage.


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