Thursday, June 28, 2018

Remnant Missionary Pal

Who remembers the Missionary Pal?

For those who don’t, here’s the back story:

In 1959 Keith Marston printed a brilliant little book titled, Missionary Pal: Reference guide for missionaries & teachers. For decades this handy reference guide supported LDS missionaries in their sincere attempt to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by providing scripture references, organized by topic. I was a big fan of the book on my mission.

In 2017 the Lord offered a covenant unto His people and accepted the Restoration Scriptures as His Holy Word. At that time the new scriptures became the “rod of iron” from which we must not let go. (1 Nephi 2:8-9).

To assist with the transition into the Restoration Scriptures, and to support all who are working to live God’s covenant, the Remnant Missionary Pal has been compiled by a group of dedicated believers.

Though I didn’t have the privilege of working on this volume, I applaud the efforts of all those who did. I think this is an excellent reference guide for the new scriptures, and I’m extremely happy to see it made available.

It can be had on Amazon at a very low price. Here’s the link:

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  1. Thanks for the book recommendation.

    I just bought several copies.

    On another subject altogether, a new idea came into my mind today, and I thought I'd share it.

    At the beginning of the BoM, Lehi encounters God. God personally warns Lehi to depart from his home community to begin a journey to the promised land. He tells his family of his experience with God, and the warnings he's received. He invites them to leave with him. They go, and experience hardships and blessings along the way, and ultimately end up in the promised land, which was given to them by covenant.

    I've always applied this account to a situation where I hearkened unto a prophet who gave me warnings. And that's true enough, whether it be a Lehi or Joseph Smith, or to the latter-day servant.

    The new idea, however, is this: what if this story is communicating to us all that WE are to be "Lehi's". What if the physical gathering to the covenanted land of Zion BEGINS with individuals being called as Lehi was, in other words, by God or angels, and then they in turn warn their family, who have the option of going in faith, or going with murmurings, or staying behind?

    Maybe the story of Lehi is to prepare US to be "Lehi's" to our own circle of influence?


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